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47th MMM Show winners

 Chick CurtisChristine White

 ^ Chick Curtis with Daniel Foster                        ^  Christine White with Daniel

 Mini Treasures Maximum Impact

2016 First Place, Yesteryear
First  Place: Tony Radcliffe, Oil, “Yesteryear”


2016 Third Place, Churchill
Third Place: Michael Butorac, Pencil, “Churchill”

The 47th Annual Multi-Media Mini Show, hosted by the Redlands Art Association, is on display at the Gallery and Art Center, 215 E. State Street, downtown, Redlands, through March 31st.

The Multi Media Mini Show (MMM) is unique to Redlands.  What makes it different is, 1) the limitation of the art piece to 14.5″ including base or frame and 2) that all media is accepted.  For example, artists can submit photography, digital (computer) work, fiber art, drawings, glass, sculptures in wood- stone- and metal, as well as the traditional fine arts.  The MMM Show is still the only one of this scale in Southern California.

2016 Second Place, Shadow Patterns 2  r mike nichols

Second Place: r. mike nichols, Watercolor, “Shadow Patterns 2”


The Mini Show is open to all California artists, who brought in art from Alta Loma to Yucca Valley.   95 artists submitted 306 pieces but only 202 pieces were chosen to show. Our jurist was Daniel Foster from Oceanside.

Living in San Diego/La Jolla from 1986 to 2003, Foster devoted himself to a full-time ascetic life of artmaking.  Life changed dramatically in 2003 when Foster moved to Riverside, California to become the Executive Director of the Riverside Art Museum for over 5 years, and subsequently the President/CEO of The Community Foundation Serving Riverside/San Bernardino Counties for 4 years.  Foster’s professional arts and philanthropic leadership career enjoyed tremendous accomplishments and arts community -building successes in the Inland Empire – before returning to San Diego in 2012 as the Executive Director of the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) for nearly 3 years. In 2016, Foster is finally “emerging” and engaging the contemporary art world with a series of public exhibitions, installations, programs, and philosophic treatises that will reveal his extensive and diverse artistic investigations and approaches in painting, installation, photography, poetry, public/site‐specific art, and conceptual art.

Sandy Davies announced the winners of the competition and Foster presented the awards, over $ 3000 in cash and product awards at the Artist’s Awards Reception on March 13.

First Place, $400, was presented to Tony Radcliffe from Redlands for his oil, “Yesteryear”.  Second Place, $300, to r. mike nichols from Riverside and Third Place, $200, to Michael Butorac from Beaumont.  Juror’s Choice awards, $ 50 each, to Michael Butorac, Beaumont, and Bill Westwood, Calimesa; Excellence Awards, $ 50 each, to Jan Harvey, Yucaipa and Jeff Owens from Redlands. Past President’s Award, $100, given to Tom Gillette; Joan Wiley Memorial Award $100 was presented to Joanna Mersereau; Doris S. Cook Memorial Award $50 to Ginger Pena. Watercolor West gave a $50 award to Caley Soury for excellence in watercolor.  Winners of the community sponsored awards are: Kathy Paulus received Ozel Jeweler’s $250 gift certificate, Christine White received $40 from Bud Rickert’s Art Supplies and Athene Johnson received a $75 gift certificate from Wilson’s Frame Up.

Art supply companies also donated goods for prizes. Jack Richeson & Co. donated gift certificates: $150 to Martha Cowan, $125 to Chuck Curtis and $100 to Aubrey Sanchez.  Guerrilla Outfitters donated gift certificates: $140 to Julie R. Evans and $80 to Sally Bell.  Joanne Ohnemus won the $85 painting panels set from Ampersand.

Honorable Mentions were given to Janet Edwards, Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja, Mary Grinyer and Michael Mazgai.    xMMM4 2016 (4)Purchase Award Patrons pledged to buy art even before the show opened.  They were: Shirley Harry, Redlands Community Hospital Foundation, Sandy Davies, Linda Willason, Jackie Becker, Micah & Christine White, and Grace Fermier.  The morning before the shop opened, they chose to buy art from: Tony Radcliffe, Deborah George, r. mike nichols, Laura Ryan, Evelyn Ifft, Shiela Lelanc, Marge Beasley, and Nancy O’Connor.

77 Friends of Redlands Art Association artists juried into the show are: Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja, Jennifer Ali, Gina Barron, Sally Bell, Tricia Beuler, Deborah Bishop, Gail Brownfield, Kathleen Bryan, Cherie Burris, Michael Butorac, Abby Cameron, Cindy Cannarozzi, Janis Commentz, Liz Coviello, Martha Cowan, Chick Curtis, Sandy Davies, Jeanne Dolan, Doug Dolde, Janet Edwards, Janet Esparza, Julie R. Evans, S. Ladean Evans, Fariad, Annabeth Fernandez, John Fisher, Olga Polasek Forester, Betty Francis, Deborah George, Brendalee Gibson, Tom Gillett, Mary Grinyer, Vici Haag, Jan Harvey, Larry Harvill, Patty Hayden, Clayre Breslin-Heaslip, Erica Hill, Evelyn Ifft, Ada Jarvis, Adele Johnson, Jack Johnson, Athene Johnston, Angela Koenig, Tanya Kirkendall, Won Madeline Koh, Michael LeBlanc, Sheila LeBlanc, Carol Lima, Michael Mazgai, Caroline McAllister, Diana McLaughlin, Pat Meeker, Carin Meidell, Rick Meidell, Joanna Mersereau, Kimberli Munkres, r. mike nichols, Nancy O’Connor, Joanne Ohnemus, Tomi Olson, Jeff Owens, Penny Palmer, Kathy Paulus, Ginger Pena, Sharon Rachal, Tony Radcliffe, Richard Ransom, Linda Richards, Dawn Romo, Laura Ryan, Cate Salenger, Aubrey Sanchez, Edward Sotello, Jessica Newman Skrentny, Dan Soury, Judith Sparhawk, Dean Stayner, Ronald Stephany, Vlad Voytilla, Jean Waller, Christine White, Brad Willason, Linda Willason, Ruth Wood, Gilbert Yzaguirre.

18 other exhibiting artists are: Marge Beasley, Allison Brown, Karen Clark, Johnathon Corbridge, Gary Dehrer, Gloria Fogler-Mancini, Jeremiah Gilbert, Nathan McCall, Virginia Melton, Robert Merchant, Alan Remele, Caley Soury, Dean Spencer, Johanna Steffen, Catherine Sutton, Alicia Wheller, Bill Westwood, Richard Wynne.

The Grand Opening reception was embellished by a floral arrangement from Hockridge Florist.  The public in invited to admire the creativity of these Southern California artists.  Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 11am to 4:30pm.  For more information, call 909-792-8435.


Programs & Workshops

PROGRAM 5-24-22. Nelda Stuck – quilter

    Redlands quilter Nelda Stuck will present the Redlands Art Association's program Tuesday, May 24, at 7 p.m. at the gallery at 215 East State Street. The public is invited. No charge.

    Stuck, co-founder of the Redlands Historical Museum Association, has specialized over the past 40 years in quilts depicting Redlands, and will be emphasizing artistic choices when designing quilts. All her quilts are hand-pieced and most are hand-quilted. Her two favorite quilts depict a bookcase with shelves filled with Redlands-titled books, and her "Those Who Made a Difference in Redlands" quilt of 218 signatures gathered in 1995 (historically important now that more than 90 of the signers are deceased) each having written how they wanted to be remembered in one hundred years. She says, “One quilt I made for my husband, Monte, showing his military career and medals (and they are colorful!)  Probably the most artistic of any of my quilts -- made completely of leftovers (and titled that). Turned out to be a challenge and fun, and based on Monte's layout-design.”

       She received her bachelor's degree in journalism in 1959 and her masters in radio and television news in 1969 from Michigan State University at East Lansing and worked 22 years as Community and the Arts editor for the Redlands Daily Facts, retiring in 2002. Nelda and Monte, RAA members for more than 40 years, recently published the Redlands photo book titled, "Redlands Movers and Shakers, Centennial to Millennium, 1980 to 2002," with proceeds going to the Museum of Redlands.

PROGRAM Tues 4-26-22 Cultural Arts Commission updates

PROGRAM  Tues, April 26.  7 – 9 pm. RAA Gallery at 215 E. State St, downtown. No charge, public welcome.

  Art in Public Places: "Interiorem Pulchritudinem" (Latin for Inner Beauty). Installed on the corner of Vine & Cajon Streets, Civic Center side.
 CONVERSATION WITH DENNIS CHRISTENSEN, one of the Commissioners of the City of Redlands Cultural Arts Commission.

Heard of Art In Public Places?  Redlands Art Association is presenting Dennis Christensen to address that question at their Program on Tuesday, April 26, 7 PM at their downtown Gallery & Art Center, 215 E. State St., downtown, Redlands. Public welcome – no charge.

Christensen will talk about the Art In Public Places placed throughout the city, how it’s chosen, and who pays for it. He’ll also tell us about the status of the city’s Art and Culture Master Plan, and the newly adopted City Strategic Plan. His program will include a question and answer session.


Tues, April 26, 2022.  7 – 9 pm  No charge, public welcome.
RAA Gallery at 215 E. State St, downtown, Redlands

PROGRAM Jeannine Sevedra, Oil painting demo Tues. 2-22-22


Tuesday, Feb. 22   7 PM   Gallery & Art Center, 215 E. State St., downtown, Redlands

Public welcome – no charge

Jeannine will demonstrate/lecture on a painterly approach to landscape  from start to finish, and the use of the palette knife. Says Jeannine, "I am a studio artist and plein air painter that loves to explore the outdoors as a way to connect with reality and express myself. Nature provides me with endless compositions to paint and countless color combinations to interpret. My passion is transforming the local terrain and habitat into expressive works of color, light and texture. I believe my expressive approach to painting and bold brushwork strives to bring new life and a fresh look to southern California landscape art."

I have been a painter and art educator for the past two decades teaching drawing and painting to children, adolescents and adults. I received formal art training at Otis Art Institute, Parsons School of Design and CSULA  where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art for Drawing & Painting and went on to earn a Master’s degree and Certification to teach Art.  In ‘95 I began teaching at the Visual Arts and Design Academy in Pasadena as the Studio Art Instructor and as an Art Teacher for the South Pasadena High School Summer Arts Program.  In 2003 I began working at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles as a member of the Adjunct Faculty through 2015.  Over the past 20 years I have also worked as a Restoration Artist in Pasadena assisting with the restoration of fine art for private art collectors, art dealers, artists estates, and museums. Currently I enjoy teaching in my studio as well as being part of the Art Faculty at the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre.

Featured Artists

Janet Esparza and Marilyn Durham 6-4 to 6-24-22

Open House on Saturday, June 11, 2022

Janet Esparza does her own lapidary work to create Gems out of plain looking rocks! Then she wraps them in sterling silver to showcase the beauty of the stone.

Marilyn Durham will show us her watercolor paintings - showing both the fluid movement and the tight control of the medium.

Joan Marie Smith and Sue Priest 5-14 to 6-3-22

Joan Marie Smith will be displaying her oil paintings ~ Sue Priest offers her unique flame painted copper jewelry and paintings.

Joan Marie Smith grew up in Manila, Philippines where she attended the American School. It was her high school art teacher, Ruth Geoffey, who introduced Joan to the variety of art mediums. Joan loved to create pastel pictures of still life displays. Using pastels to create the roundness of a vase or the highlight on an orange prepared her for her future interest in painting with watercolor, acrylics and oil.
             At Hope College in Michigan, Joan prepared for a teaching career. After she married and moved to California, she began teaching. Once a week her husband very kindly said he would take care of the toddlers while she drove to Valley College to take an oil painting class. As her children grew she used her spare time to study for her master’s degree and her reading specialist credential. After teaching for 30 years, she retired and at last found time for painting. She took a watercolor class at the Redlands Art Association . Then she began painting with a group at a church in Redlands, started private lessons in Chino and joined the group at the Loma Linda Senior Center.  She now paints with Martha Cowen at the RAA in Martha’s advanced oil painting class.
Joan’s husband said, “She’ll probably become a “Grandma Moses.”” “A grandma of seven I am, she says, but “Grandma Moses” I highly doubt. I’m at peace when I paint. I lose myself in what I’m doing and if I have good results, I’m happy.”
Contact Joan at or, phone 909-792-8061

Sue Priest has a "flare" with her copper painting... pun intended!

Using a torch, she "paints" the copper sheet creating colorful abstract images then cutting the sheet into her jewelry pieces. She also guides her flame to make representational images on the sheet.

Gallery hours: Monday - Saturday, 11am - 5 pm.

Janet Edwards 4-23 to 5-13-22

Printmaker, Watercolorist, California Artist and Redlands Treasured Artist, Janet Edwards, is holding her Retirement Show at the Redlands Art Association. Sadly, she will no longer be making etchings to sell.

Janet says of her art: "For over three decades I have worked primarily in the etching medium, my love of watercolor has strongly influenced me toward interpreting my images with a watercolor like style."

Janet, famous for her iconic etchings of palms trees ( most of these have been sold) will be selling framed, matted pieces and greeting cards.

She will also be showing her husband's work; some of his books and matted art. Unfortunately, Fred Edwards, passed earlier this month after a long illness.

Janet has asked that purchased art remain on the wall for the duration of the show so everyone can view it.

The show is free and open to the public.

From Our Fearless Leaders

May 2022

“The beautiful Spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also”. 

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Hello Members and Friends,

Art on State Street happened! The weather was beautiful and the steady flow of people made for an enjoyable day. Whatever the weather, the Redlands Art Association is always busy lately. The Garden show is in full swing and don’t miss the special selection of Janet Edwards framed etchings, unframed etchings and cards. These pieces will be in the gallery until May 13th. Please come in and browse. Please refer to the website and flyers for upcoming programs and Open Houses in May, June and July.

The RAA Board of Directors have discussed re-designing our website for many years now. The pandemic caused a huge delay in this endeavor. However, very soon the new website will be launched. Possibly in the coming week. We are excited about it and hope you will find it improved and refreshing. Please be patient as we continue to update numerous pages and links.

Get ready for “Art in the Park” and “Redlands Festival of Art” happening over the Memorial Day weekend, May 28-29th. The Youth Art Expo sponsored by the Margaret Clark Arts Education Enrichment Fund (MCAEEF) is set to make its second appearance. The Youth (K-12th grade) are asked to bring their artwork to the RAA gallery from May 23-26th. Please refer to the entry form for all the rules. The artwork will be judged in several different age categories. Awards and prizes will be announced on Saturday, May 28th at 12 noon in the Youth Art Expo tent area. There will be 2 tents. One for displaying artwork and the other for art activities such as painting and printmaking. There are not many juried opportunities for the youth in the area, so if you know young people, please let them know of this fun event.

Please check the website for upcoming Youth and Adult classes. Also, the Redlands Cinema Classics will return April 27through May 19th. Films will be shown at the “Look” theater here in Redlands. Proceeds from your ticket purchase help support Youth Art Education.

One more thing, remember that Potluck we used to do with all RAA members? After 3 years, we are in the early stages of planning a gathering.  Date TBA soon.

Happy Spring All,

Your President,

Suzanne Burke

Suzanne Burke