Redlands Cinema Classic at LOOK Dine-in Cinema

Tickets are available at the RAA gallery.

Your ticket proceeds will help fund grants that support art education programs at schools and other art-related activities throughout the Redlands community.

Fall 2022 Series

The Duke ($15)

Wednesday, Sept 14 at 7pm

Thursday, Sept 15 at 2:30pm

Manhattan Short ($35 w/ Food & Bev)

Wednesday, Sept 28 at 6pm

Thursday, Sept 29 at 2:30pm

Murina ($15)

Wednesday Oct 12 at 7pm

Thursday Oct 13 at 2:30

Costa Brava, Lebanon ($15)

Wednesday Oct 26 at 7pm

Thursday Oct 27 at 2:30pm




Art Is Cool!

Art Is Cool from Redlands Art Association on Vimeo.


About the Redlands Cinema Classic…

RAA Film 1 from Redlands Art Association on Vimeo.


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