49th Annual Multi-Media Mini Show

49th Annual Multi-Media Mini Show

Mini Art makes major impact

The 49th Annual Multi-Media Mini Show, hosted by the Redlands Art Association, was on display at the Gallery and Art Center, 215 E. State Street, downtown, Redlands, February 22 through March 15. Redlands’ Mayor, Paul Foster, spoke about Art-in-Public Places at show’s Grand Opening Reception Friday, Feb. 23.

The Multi Media Mini Show (MMM) is unique to Redlands. What makes it different is: 1) all media is accepted (where else will you see fantastic fabric fairies?) and 2) the limitation of the art piece to 14.5″ including base or frame. The MMM Show is still the only one of this scale in the Inland Empire. An art judge views the entries and selects the ones for the show. Sant Khalsa, Professor of Art at California State University, San Bernardino judged the show and awarded the prizes. Her Juror’s Statement reads, in part, “I have never found jurying an exhibition an easy task and this show was no exception. There were more quality artworks to select from then there is wall and pedestal space to install them on. As an artist and art educator, I have a deep understanding of the art making process and the emotional risk that comes in sharing ones work in a public venue. I applaud all of the artists that entered the show for their commitment to their studio practice and willingness to share the fruits of their creative labor with the Redlands community.”

Winners of the competition participated in over $ 3000 in cash and product awards.

First Place, $400, was presented to Kathy Paulus from Moreno Valley for her color pencil drawing. Second Place, $300, to Janis Commentz from Yucca Valley, and Third Place, $200, to Froukje Schaafsma-Smith from Riverside. Juror’s Choice awards, $ 50 each, to Ron Stephany and Roberta Thole, both from Redlands. Excellence Awards, $ 50 each, given to Cindy Kanakriyeh and Linda Willason. Past President’s Award, $100, given to Chick Curtis; Joan Wiley Memorial Award, $100, was presented to Charlotte Yale-Provost and Doris S. Cook Memorial Award, $50, given to Karen Clark. Watercolor West gave a $50 award, Excellence in Watercolor, to Sheila Hansberger. Honorable Mention awards are: Dan Soury, Jose Rodas, Karen Grace and Tess Lee Miller.

Art supply companies also donated goods for prizes. Those companies are: Jack Richeson & Co., Wilson’s Frame Up, Ampersand Products, and Bud Rickert’s. The winners of the goods were: Ginger Pena, Muriel Dolemieux, Tony Radcliffe, Martha Cowen, and Kathy Paulus.

Purchase Award Patrons pledged to buy art even before the art was up. Patrons were: Grace Fermier, Judith Sparhawk, Redlands Community Hospital Foundation, Sandy Davies, Linda Willason, Sharon Rachel, Sharon Klotz, Lynn Whitmer, and Micah & Christine White. They purchased art from Ginger Pena, Carol Mahlum, Cindy Rinne, Betty Francis, Matt Bundy, Sheila Hansberger, Ruth Wood, Kathy Paulus, Roberta Thole, Jeanne Dolan and Holly Warner.

83 Redlands Art Association member artists were juried into the show: Teri Adams, Sheldon Alvarez, Kent Ambrose, Garrett Beach, Andrea Beechko, Debi Bishop, Beverly Brett, Alycia Bromer, Matt Bundy, Terrie Burian, Cherie Burris, Janis Commentz, Liz Coviello, Martha Cowan, Chick Curtis, Sandy Davies, Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja, Jeanne Dolan, Janet Edwards, Julie R. Evans, S. Ladean Evans, Betty Francis, Deborah George, Tom Gillett, Ernesto Gomez, Mary Grinyer, Sheila Hansberger, Antionette Hanson, Jan Harvey, Patricia Hayden, Bruce Herwig, Vici Haag, Angel Holguin, Evelyn Ifft, Athene Johnston, Cindy Kanakriyeh, Midge Tosten Kilgour, Philip Kilgour, Won Madeline Koh, John Lapi, Michael LeBlanc, Sheila LeBlanc, Carol Lima, Carol Mahlum, Michael Mazgai, Caroline McAllister, Diana McLaughlin, Pat Meeker, Rick Meidell, Tess Lee Miller, r. mike nichols, Joanne Ohnemus, Jeff Owens, Sri Harsha Pamu, Rusty Parenteau, Kathy Paulus, Ginger Pena, Wendy Quine, Sharon Rachael, Tony Radcliffe, Richard Ransom, Linda Richards, Jose Rodas, Aubrey Sanchez, Froukje Schaafsma-Smith, Penny Schwartz, Joan Marie Smith, Edward Sotello, Dan Soury, Judith Sparhawk, Ronald Stephany, Kitty Stephens, Carol Stouthamer, Jo Sutt, Lucinda Swain, Roberta Thole, Holly Warner, Elaine Waterman, Christine White, Linda Willason, Ruth Wood, Lori Worby-Krebs, and Kathy Young.

17 other exhibiting artists are: Marge Beasley, Ann Binghamfreeman, Tina Carson, Karen Clark, Gary Dehrer, Muriel Dolemieux, Karen Grace, Roberet Mease,  Betty Pilley, Cindy Rinne, Dave Saline, Froukje Schaafsma-Smith, Kandra Scullin, Dean Spencer, Charlotte Yale-Provost and Chris Young.