April 2013

April 2013

Long Time Devoted Treasurer Steps Down

Well, for this article, I have good news and bad news to report.  First the bad news; after twenty years of dedicated service as the Treasurer of the RAA, Winnie Stephany has decided to step down.  For all these years Winnie has religiously completed and filed with the proper authorities all our required federal, state, county, and city tax and business reports.  All this was done on a pro bono basis.  Fortunately we have been able to retain the services of a local CPA to take over the official paperwork for a very reasonable fee.  However, we are still looking for someone to be the official treasurer who holds a seat on the Board of Directors and chairs the Finance and Investment of the Board.  Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact me.

Now, for the good news.  Besides winding down her CPA business, Winnie’s primary reason for stepping down is to get back to her artwork on an active basis.  She, “graduated from college with a fine arts degree, studied sculpture in Paris, briefly taught art in public schools, and for several years produced art for street fairs.”  As she stated, “she now wants to tilt more to her original calling,” as well as a variety of other things she and husband Ron are considering.  I, as well as some of you, have seen her sculpture works and they are exceptionally fine.  I am anxious to see her forthcoming submissions in our gallery and various shows.

The Board of Directors will certainly miss Winnie’s participation and hard work producing the monthly financial reports as well as all the required official paperwork.  However I am sure all of us are excited to see her get back to practicing her art and continued participation in RAA.  Our sincerest thanks Winnie!!

Larry Harvill, Chair, Board of Directors