Artist Bio Binder Update

Artist Bio Binder Update

Many thanks for the new artist bios I’ve already received – they are now temporarily displayed in the new binder. But we need more!

This is my suggested format

  • 1st page with your studio name, contact details, and any other information your prospective buyer will want. By all means, include a small personal photo. People like to see your photo.
  • 2nd separate page  to include (up to) 3 photo examples of your work, with a caption. Please put your name/studio name on this page, possibly at the bottom so that if the pages were to get mixed up then I would know to whom the page belonged.

If you wished to give me a few 6×4" cards/business cards I could slip them into the bio book so that when a piece of your work is sold or if someone asked they could take your details with them.

I envision the final Artist Bio Binder being like a book so that when you open it the artist information will be on the left hand side and examples of their work will be on the right hand side.

Feel free to email the bios at or drop off the sheets at the RAA there is a labeled box above the pigeon holes

Many thanks for your time, I look forward to receiving more new bios.

Liz Coviello