Ashley Wright & Rod Buell 9/18 – 10/8/21

Ashley Wright & Rod Buell 9/18 – 10/8/21

ROD BUELL . . . .

After a forced early retirement at only 53, I needed to find something to keep myself busy. Initially I dove deep into my love of nature photography and grew my work there. But as an electrician I was adept at small hand work and found an interest in old arts and crafts. I learned skilled arts such as woodturning, stained glass-making, silversmithing, and jewelry-making, including Kumihimo- silk braid work. My wife calls me her “ADD Crafter/Artisan.” Creating jewelry from vintage sterling flatware is my latest endeavor.

My wife and I love to travel and have new experiences. We enjoy “treasure hunting” together near our home and when on the road. We have brought back some beautiful pieces from Fairbanks Alaska, Prescott and Tuscon, Arizona, and many California coastal towns. I enjoy making a variety of jewelry pieces from vintage forks, knives and spoons giving them a new life outside the kitchen. This is what I’ll be showing at my Featured Artist display, August 28 through Sept 17, 2021


“Ashley Wright is a Mental Health Artist from Redlands, California. She is an alumni of the University of Redlands and holds a BA in Music. Most of her life has been spent dabbling in visual and performing arts. She took a painting class her senior year in college while struggling with undiagnosed C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the rest is history. Ashley paints highly vibrant, textured, eye-catching landscapes and illustrations. Her paintings focus on perception and reality in relation to Derealization, Dissociation, and Maladaptive Daydreaming. She hopes that her paintings help bring awareness to C-PTSD and the beauty that comes from it. All of Ashley’s paintings take visual inspiration from locations around Southern California, nostalgia from Sci-Fi, and the vibrant designs of the 80s/90s. Ashley’s paintings are shown regularly at the Redlands Art Association. Ashley’s piece “What Dreams May Come” was in the Los Angeles Art Associations virtual exhibition “GILD” in March 2021. Her painting “The Ladybug Stop” was in the Los Angeles Art Association’s virtual exhibition “Petite Works” in June 2021. And her painting “Find Deliverance in You” was in the Menduina Schneider Art Gallery’s “Award Show” in San Pedro, CA during June 2021 & the Los Angeles Art Association’s show User to User in July 2021.”