August 2010

August 2010

For most of us summer is a time for a little rest and relaxation.  For some of us, vacation plans have a high priority, or we may have a need to get out of the heat for a short time, or a desire for inspiration to begin our next projects.

Well, I can tell you with great certainty that our Summer Art Camp teachers didn’t get that rest and relaxation.  They have done an awesome job at a frantic pace with as many as 30 students and two separate classes in one classroom, keeping the energy focused, subjects entertained and actively learning.  The happy chatter buzzing through our gallery every morning is my inspiration for this year.

I admire the teachers for their energy, affection for these children and dedication to their jobs.  Many thanks to these hardworking teachers; Kristy Bergeson, Firouzei Flordelis, Ian Kirkpatrick, Sandra Meichsner and Gloria Steinweg.  RAA members can be proud of the art programs for children that we are offering to the community.

Don’t miss the Children’s Art Show in the East Gallery from August 24 – 28 with a reception for young artists and parents on Saturday August 28th.

Oh, and if you have an extra 20 minutes or so, I would love to tell you about our summer adventures traveling with an 11 year old grandchild and a 50 year old Airstream trailer.

Dance the Days, Gail Brownfield