August 2013

August 2013

We are approaching the time at which we will be launching a capital campaign to raise funds to expand and refurbish our gallery and other important needs.  I thought you would appreciate knowing the budget your Board of Directors has approved for this effort.  The total amount of funds we hope to raise is $1,200,000.  Specifically the budget for this project includes: building construction ($650,000) that includes furnishing and equipment, architectural fees, security system, an expanded solar electric power system, bringing restrooms up to ADA compliance, and rental of temporary location during construction.  Additional items include an allowance for construction overage ($60,000), educational materials and equipment ($125,000), funding gallery coordinators for three years ($100,000), mortgage retirement ($147,000), and finally an endowment for maintenance ($100,000).

I am sure all of you fully understand the great need for this project.  Raising these funds will be a great challenge and I hope all you will be willing to do whatever you can to help the RAA achieve this goal.  We will be approaching individuals, corporations, businesses, and granting organizations.  To be considered for a grant most organizations require us to show that 100% of the Board of Directors membership has contributed something to the project.  They are currently evaluating their individual situations and will have made a pledge by the time you read this article.

Again let me say how important this project is for all of us and I hope every one of you will help out in some way or another whether it is helping with mailings, talking up the project to interested people, and contributing what you can.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Larry Harvill   Chair, Board of Directors