Carol Stouthamer 3/16-4/5

Carol Stouthamer 3/16-4/5

“Abstracted Floral Design”

Reception date: March 23, 2019  2:00 to 4:00 p.m. (In combination with the Opening Reception for March Madness)

I’m originally form Long Beach, California, however I’ve moved to many places in the U.S., including both the east and west coasts and Texas. I’ve also lived for over 10 years in the Netherlands before trekking back to California and earning a degree in education.

Learning different cultural perspectives has always helped me decide which direction to pursue in art. A style between abstraction and realism is important to my work. Using various paper mediums has facilitated this approach.

Japanese papers are beautiful in variety and texture. Over many years, this fascinating medium has been an integral part of my work. Transparent, opaque, organic and structured papers are used to create unusual surfaces. During and after the assemblage of the papers, watercolor and acrylic paint are used to enhance an inherent, spontaneous effect. New ideas and methods are always part of the process.

The theme of this show is “Abstracted Floral Design” with a Japanese influence. The contrast of empty space with collaged surfaces is always an interesting design element. The lamps in this show are an example of the transparency of the papers and how light affects its illumination. The exploration of the paper and light is an integral part of this show.