Clamping Down on Card Sale Procedures

Clamping Down on Card Sale Procedures


At our last committee meeting, Feb. 2,2010, I was asked and agreed to work with Sally Wirth to review the card inventory process. While sitting the Gallery the following Monday I started in on the card racks in the West side. There were a couple of artist who had well over 20 cards but no artwork in the present show and who had not paid the $3.00 card fee. Then checking the East side rack I found 5 artist cards displayed but who did not have art work in this show. When you remove your art work form the close of a show and are not participating in the following show, you MUST also remove any cards that you might have on display.

March 5th was the take down for this past show and ALL artwork, including cards, had to be removed as we will be getting ready for the Multi-Media_Mini Show.

April 9th was the next regular take-in. If you brought any of your artwork you may also bring in up to 20 cards to show and no extra fee is charged. Your cards or packages of cards must be enclosed in plastic bags and clearly identified with the artist name, price and quantity per package ( i.e. $3.00 ea. or 4 cards for $10.00, etc). These cards may be on display for up to 6 months as long as you are participating in each monthly show and your cards are clean and in good condition. If not participating in a show your cards must be removed when you remove your artwork.

If you wish to display more than 20 cards, then there is a $3.00 per show fee and there is no limit as to the number of cards per artist. But please, don’t inundate us with so many that we don’t have room for everyone. We don’t want to clutter the gallery with individual baskets or private card racks. We will only use the gallery card racks. Also, you are expected to sign up for sitting even if you only have cards.

When filling out your inventory sheet, would you also include the word "CARDS" and how many. It would really help a lot in our record keeping.

Thank you, Joan Wiley and Sally Wirth