Constance St. Jean from May 31st – Jun 20th

Constance St. Jean from May 31st – Jun 20th

Constance St Jean will have a collection of her photography work in the Redlands Art Association gallery through June 20th.

Background of the Photographer:

Constance St. Jean started taking pictures in 1959 in Gopalpur, India as a cultural anthropology research assistant to Dr. Alan R. Beals.

In 1967, she photographyed every family in an Oaxacan village in Mexico and was paid in eggs and tortillas.  This was in connection with an anthropological field study teaching project headed by Dr. Beals.

After learnign calligraphy at Riverside City College in the 1980’s, she took up photography again, specializing in long lens (400 mm) candid pictures of wildlife, rodeo riders, children, Native Americans, flowers, abstract landscapes and musicians (bluegrass, Dixieland, swing and modern jazz) all over southern California, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

She has received ribbons and awards from the Southern California Fair (1998 – 2007) and had two photgraphs accepted by the Los Angeles County Fair (2004 & 2005).  Her potographs have been displayed in coffee houses in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Norco and Corona since the early 1990’s.  Gallery showings were at Yesteryear in Pomona, Riverside City College, Riverside Community Art Association, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside County Library system and a solo exhibit in San Pedro in 2008.

Currently, she is concentrating on long lens candid portraits of adults and children at festivals, beaches, peace demonstrations, photo journalism and abstracts.  Her email address is