Elizabeth Rydall & Carol Mahlum

Elizabeth Rydall & Carol Mahlum

Featured Artists: Elizabeth Rydall & Carol Mahlum will be putting their art out for their show

August 10 – 30.    Reception Saturday, Aug. 17, 2–4PM

From Elizabeth: As a painter, I coined a technique called “seven layer painting,” (after the dip of the same name). Stencils, washes, collage,dripping, spray paint, some junk, and finally acrylic paint are used in this technique …  and it is a blast—always an adventure! I initially set out with a phrase, a lyric or an idea that persists for a while like, “demystifying the mystical,” or “set my lonely spirit free.”

This is the inception of the painting. Then, the rest is an enormous improvisation with a theme. I play at it, work at it, sometimes destroy it and start over. Until I am satisfied, and then, voila, a painting!

One of Elizabeth Rydell’s paintings (Courtesy Photo)

Carol writes: My two big passions have always been creative arts and travel, both international and
domestic. Since childhood, my creative side has had me involved in woodworking, painting, art glass and jewelry making. After retiring, I was fortunate to be able to take classes in jewelry making from some of the best instructors one could wish for. I was taught the skills for designing and sculpting silver art clay, wire wrapping and metal smithing which allows me to produce some amazing pieces of jewelry.
My travels have given me the opportunity to enjoy unique pieces of art throughout the world and to gain inspiration for my own creative passions within.