Featured artist Giao Nguyen

Featured artist Giao Nguyen

February 13 through March 6

Giao Nguyen (pronounced "Yow Win") was born in Saigon, Vietnam.  Her family esgiao mexicocaped the war-torn country and after battling pirates, having her father captured and imprisoned, and living in a hut in humid tropical Malaysia, ended up in the snowy cold of Minnesota; Plymouth, MN, to be exact. What a fitting town for pilgrims to land.

Kindergarten art class was a favorite subject. Ever since she was a youngster, she found herself doodling and dabbling in different mediums. Art was a good way to communicate without words. Working on school projects helped her feel part of the community.

Now, she works as a doctor specializing in foot & ankle surgery. Much of her time is spent helping local veterans at the Loma Linda Veteran’s Hospital, some of whom relate their stories of tours of duty in Vietnam, a place in distant foggy memory. One day she would like to visit there.

Most of Ms. Nguyen’s works have gone to charity auctions to help the less fortunate. Please visit her website www.giao-nguyen.com and sign the guestbook there.

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