Featured Artists… Ernesto & Terrie

Featured Artists… Ernesto & Terrie

Featured Artists: Ernesto Gomez & Terrie Burian
July 20–Aug. 9 | Reception: Saturday July 20, 3-5pm

Ernesto paints watercolors. He says, “I don’t always know what I’m going to paint. My most satisfying work takes me in unexpected directions while I am painting it and I deeply enjoy the dialog between me and my work. I don’t aim for realism – I want to give my impression and feelings, and I use bright colors to express my joy in being able to create art.”

Local artist Terrie Burian’s passion is for making jewelry inspired by nature. She’s been a dedicated Yosemite camper since 1955 and has never missed a year. Her mother was a Cherokee, Native American, and feels that is where her desire to create Native American style jewelry comes from.

Ernesto Gomez holds two of his watercolor works to be displayed during his joint featured artist show with jeweler Terrie Burian, beginning July 20 at the Redlands Art Association. (Photo by Penny Schwartz)t


This format, having a wall art artist AND a jeweler, is new to the Featured Artist Corner. Ernesto’s watercolors are on the wall in the corner and Terrie’s jewelry is in the tall case opposite Ernesto.  Looks pretty good!