From the President's Corner

From the President's Corner

Despite the many rainy days, spring does seem to be in the air. At RAA, spring brings so may exciting events. The Multi Media Mini Show this month provides the opportunity for all California artists to enter, and wait with baited breath to find out whether or not their mini-art has been accepted. Drives us all crazy every year, doesn’t it? Yes, the MMM Show is very competitive, but that’s part of the fun of it—when your work makes it in, you can be justly proud.

Our Opening Gala Reception will be on Friday, March 12th, from 5-8 pm. Whether you have art in the show or not, come and mingle with the community and other artists. Come and enjoy the little gems of art on the walls and pedestals in the gallery, and know it is a very special event. The Artists’ Reception and Awards Ceremony will be on Sunday, March 14th, from 1-3 pm.

If you can’t make it to the receptions, the MMM Show will be in the gallery through April 8th, so come in and enjoy. By the way, take-down and take-in for the next show is on Friday, April 9th. This will be the Floral-themed show, and will be a part of the Redlands Horticultural Society’s Flower Show and Garden Tour.

So, a lot is going on…come and play with us all!

Judith Sparhawk