Going Green Continues

Going Green Continues


MCj04401080000[1]In an effort to reduce our use of paper, the paper newsletter will now be 4 pages long instead of 8. The rest of the information can be found online, at www.RAAnewsletter.org

We are very excited by this change. Having the newsletter online will allow us to include extra information/pictures because there aren’t any page size restrictions. It also should make it easier to connect with websites of artists and events featured in the newsletter – they’ll be a simple click away.

Rest assured, the paper newsletter will continue to be mailed to you, and it will contain the most pertinent information, like take-in/hanging dates, upcoming programs, etc… but reducing the size reduces our impact on the environment, and also saves us a healthy chunk of money as well!

Remember that all members are welcome to submit items for publication. See submission guidelines here. Just email the editor, Candy Glendening here: