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John Brownfield 4/28 – 5/18

Opening Reception in conjunction with RAA’s “Celebrate Redlands” Saturday April 28th, 4 to 6 pm

I am looking forward to putting together an interesting little show. Works in drawing and painting media vary from the humorous and playful “self portraits as a potted plant” and other paintings to figure drawings in various mediums. This “featured artist” little show opens with the same opening reception for RAA members show, 4-6 pm Saturday April 28.

Artist’s Statement: Thanks to those folks who are taking the time to have a look my work. A little more about me, as people seem to like a little personal information about an artist when considering their work. I grew up in Chicago, the city, on the north side, obligatory Cubs fan. I went off to college at Illinois Wesleyan University where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree where I met my first wife (and married too young). I began graduate work at University of Iowa but money pressure forced me (us) to move back to Chicago where my wife returned to a caseworker job with Cook County. I was admitted to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a move I wish I had taken first of all. A generous amount of units from Iowa transferred in and I was accepted into candidacy and loaded up a large course load and finished and awarded my MFA two years after Bachelor degree.

I got real lucky in getting a full-time teaching gig at Portland State University. I was hired as sabbatical replacement and was invited to stay on the following year. Nice, BUT I was invited to make a visit to Redlands. The late Margaret Clark, who was a professor at the University of Redlands, was most instrumental in this. I had made an application to a position at the University of Redlands while still in grad school. Job went to someone else, then position re-opened. Meanwhile, Margaret was on sabbatical, which included a stop the Art Institute where an old acquaintance worked, and arranged a morning interview with me. Early the next semester I was invited to interview everybody and I got the job (well… I found the unrelenting grayness of Portland depressing—figured heat was preferable). I arrived in August of 1965. And the job was what I wanted; small liberal arts department, tremendous flexibility in course design, easy, friendly, connections with other disciplines, small class size… very much like my experience at Illinois Wesleyan. There is a lot of luck in the arc of my academic career. I found myself holding the position one would expect to obtain after 10 or 15 years of part-time gigs, sabbatical jobs, etc. So I spent the next 6 years rising up to a position as a full, tenured professor (also a stint as department chair) and retired after 38 years.

As for growth as an artist; My first love, my enduring refuge has been in drawing the human image. I have never grown tired of practicing and life drawing. There was a special time when I had a colleague who shared this love. The ten years John Nava and I shared this enthusiasm were an enormous influence on me. The other major influence on my art was in making several trips to Europe… I have been profoundly influenced by the great humanist, and classicist tradition… particularly Italian art of the 15th, 16th, 17th centuries. I hope you can see the echo of this tradition in much of my work.

Programs & Workshops

1-25-22 PROGRAM The Critique

RAA hosts guest artists and lecturers on the 4th Tuesday of each month, September through May.

David Fairrington will be conducting critiques of the art brought in on January 25.

David Fairrington is highly qualified and has held many critiques in all media, encouraging artists to go further and reach their best. Named ‘Master Artist’ by International Artist magazine, he has won multiple awards and over a lifetime career has been commissioned by clients as diverse as the major film studios to the Pentagon.

Bring in a piece of art for his critique.

Join the group on Tuesday, January 25from 7 to 9 pm. No Charge. Public welcome.

2-22-22 PROGRAM ... Jeannine Savedra.

Jeannine will demonstrate/lecture on a painterly approach to landscape from start to finish, and the use of the palette knife.

Programs –

October 26 - Larry Dierdorff

Murals of Redlands

November 23 - Monica Foulston

Mark your calendar for the 4th Tuesday of the months: October through May, 7-9 pm. (Maybe not December. Too close to the holidays?)

Programs starting up

Redlands Art Association presents Programs on the 4th Tuesday of the months September through May, from 7-9 pm. These Programs may be a lecture, a painting demonstration, a power-point show, or a hands-on experience for the audience.

We decided against a September program due to the Redlands Cinema Classic dates. Come to see what we've planned ...

October 26 - Larry Dierdorff

November 23 - Monica Foulston

Mark your calendar for the 4th Tuesday of the months: October through May, 7-9 pm. (Maybe not December. Too close to the holidays?)

Featured Artists

Barbara Dipoma 2-12 to 3-4-22

Barbara uses vibrant colors in watercolor paint to create her art. She especially enjoys painting animals.

1-22 through 2-11-22 Linda Willason.

I know it's a blurry photo of her but she just doesn't sit still! Linda specializes in the Redlands landscapes ... landmarks in Pastel paintings, photography, and ceramic tiles. Her art is perfect for RAA's new REDLANDS CORNER, dedicated to all Redlands. Example of her Photography. Left and Below: samples of her pastel paintings.

1-1 to 1-21-22 Kathy Paulus and James Bowden

Kathy Paulus began her art passion in her early 50’s after working in Special Education Programs and as an Infant Specialist. She considers herself a self-taught artist specializing in pastel work. She loves both domestic/wild animal portraits and still life subjects. She enjoys the challenge to capture the real beauty in animals, especially for horses and all wild cats. 

She is also a scratch artist and became a member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artist in 2018. Scratch art enables her to achieve fine detail in realism in her animal studies. She alternates working with pastels and scratch work.

Although she resides in Moreno Valley, CA she’s been a member of the Redlands Art Association for many years, displaying her art.

James Bowden Flintnapping arrowheads for display and jewelry.

I am James Bowden. I have been flintknapping for 37 years, passionately creating images of the past. At first I was largely self-taught. Later I studied with other knappers to advance my skills and knowledge. Early on, sizable stone was unavailable to me, which directly affected my style of flintknapping.

Today I work with a wide variety of materials to flake many different types of stone implements. The tools and methods I use closely follow traditional ones. My forte continues to be intricately flaked eccentrics, and small delicate gem points with long, drawn-out ears. This work fills a special niche in the world of modern flintknapping.

All of my pieces are permanently initialed and dated using a diamond-tipped scribe, making them collectible museum quality replicas and artwork. My knapped work is represented in the Modern Lithic Artists Journal, Volume 3, the Sept./Oct. issue of the Gold Prospectors Magazine, the #5/Summer 2018 issue of Knapper’s Quarterly, the 2022 “Flintknapping, The Art Of The Ancients” Calendar, and in collections of over 30 museums and visitor centers across the United States.

Flintnapping arrowheads by James Bowden

From Our Fearless Leaders

December 2021

Dear Members and Patrons, 

Over and over we hear how much RAA has meant to those wanting to grow as artists – people of all ages.  They thrive within the RAA community. They find a place to connect with other artists, to build their skills, and to sell their work. They learn best practices and networking tips and how to build their courage to try new things. For many, the gallery and art center is the place where their dreams become real and are shared with the community. There is no other place quite like the Redlands Art Association. And you are a part of that dream with every piece of art or membership that you buy.

We need your support. Your gifts allow us to continue serving the arts both in our gallery and in the greater community. A convenient donation portal is located here on our website.

We know we have generous patrons and members.  Earlier this year we thankfully accepted the gift that paid off our mortgage! Now we want to do more for our art education programs, our artist members, and the gallery where people come in for solace and inspiration. We want to offer scholarships and support for art students who can’t afford their classes.

Whether it’s a one-time gift or an ongoing gesture of financial support, please know that we appreciate anything you can spare. It makes a difference.

Thank you for your support and your generosity.

Suzanne Burke, President