Kay West April 19th – May 9th

Kay West April 19th – May 9th

Kay West will have a collection of her photography and acrylic/mixed media work on display at the Redlands Art Association gallery through May 9th.

I’m a simple Boomer having fun observing my world, be it with a camera or acrylics and mixed media.

I don’t take myself or my art too serisouly.  I used to do a lot of shows and sales, but times and motivation change.

Of course I want to create the very best I can.  If it’s worth doing well.  But the process, the having fun creating, the ovservations are what propel me forward.

I like working in series, both with painting and with my phtography.  One of my favorites, the Bondo Series, is a portfolio of macro images of deteriorating metal I’ve found in old derelict cards and trucks, wrecks, and crunched and rusted metal.  There are worlds to be found in those random markings.

I specifically mention this because I’ve included a couple of Bondo Series photographs in this featured artist display, and I think it helps to have background.

Although I’m currently lving in Spokane, Washington, so many of my roots are still viable in Redlands, which was my home for decades.  I’m proud of what I did to help the Redlands Art Association growth over the years, and am pleased to see it still filling a vital need in Redlands and environs.

I simply enjoy painting and photographing objects and sapes that appeal to my own aesthetic, and if some get shown and sold, it’s just whipped cream with a cherry on top.

I wish I could be present for this show in Redlands to greet and hug and catch up with old friends and new, but can’t make it this time.  But … soon!