May 14 – June 4: Landy

May 14 – June 4: Landy

I began my love affair with art at an early age. At the tender age of 10 I soldLandy head my first painting of Charlie Chaplin as, “The Tramp”. Art was a big factor in my life. Whenever I could find time I would paint. I remember back in kindergarten the first time I ever  held a paint brush; I was fascinated. It felt comfortable to me, like it belonged in my hand. I could take a paint brush and make mountains move and make people be whatever I wanted them to be.

Self-taught for many years, upon entering college I dabbled in as many art classes as possible. I found nothing could compare to watching people and putting it on canvas for myself. Throughout the years I continued my passion for art, participating in many art workshops, private shows, and local art events.

I am inspired by the artist Potthast, whose paintings make me appreciate love for the sea and for the beach. I love painting scenes on the beach. I have traveled extensively throughout the west to capture some of my most memorable scenes to paint.

I am currently a member of the Riverside Art Museum (RAM), Redlands Art Association (RAA). In addition to those venues, my art has been displayed and sold in private art galleries throughout the world.”