New Ideas for Old Paintings (Art Wonders)

New Ideas for Old Paintings (Art Wonders)

Workshop with Joanna Mersereau

Sat., September. 24, 1 to 5:30 p.m.

Start collecting now for things to bring:

  • “old” brushes (bristle, ox hair, old, soft square or round brushes)
  • “old” palettes (plastic or acrylic-coated white cardboard, dissposble paper cups)
  • extra fun things (fabric scraps, decorative papers, magazine photos)
  • equipment (scissors, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, glue, acrylic matte medium, gold foil, acrylics, watercolors, goache, etc.)
  • If your paintings are watercolor on 140-pound or lighter weight paper, please stretch them ahead of time. Call me for “how-to”.

In other words, bring what you think will be fun to incorporate into your paintings! I will use as a demo a “failed” painting from the 70’s and will show techniques that will be a springboard into new creative thinking.,

“You won’t be on your own—as always, my mind is at your service!

Joanna Mersereau