Nov 17 PROGRAM – Jeff Owens

Nov 17 PROGRAM – Jeff Owens

November 17 Program – Jeff Owens

On the Outside Looking In – Detachment & Creativity with Jeff Owens

Well known, award winning artist, Jeff Owens will talk about how he has always felt about his personal relationship to “the world of the visual arts,” and how that has taken him to the type of artwork he’s been creating lately. The program will be a kind of half and half talk.  Part one will be an overview of the many phases (era’s?) his art has gone through.  Part two will be about what he is doing now and how it relates to what he did back then.  Jeff will bring, to the program, several of his artworks along with some photos.  He will discuss how he goes from the birth of an idea to a “finished” artwork.  Also, he’ll share what he has learned about using acrylics and why he has elected to use that medium, so much, in the past few years.  It should be a fun, fascinating and upbeat presentation.  NOT TO BE MISSED!

Tuesday, November 17 @ 7:00 PM

Program is FREE to all.