June 2011

June 2011

We had a fun Annual Banquet last Wednesday evening with over 60 folks present to hear about our plans for gallery expansion.   If you missed the presentation you will be able to see some of the ideas being considered by our remodeling committee.  The idea board created by our architect is on display at the gallery.

New officers, operating committee and board of directors for this coming year were introduced at our annual meeting and a list of people in these positions is included in this newsletter.

“Redlands Through Our Eyes” – a banquet art show will be held at the Mitten Building in downtown Redlands on June 18.  All local artists are invited to participate in this fund-raising event for Youth Hope.  Work sold will be subject to a 50% commission; being split between Youth Hope and the artist.  If you are interested in participating and/or attending contact Justin Anderson either by email (justin.ty.anderson@gmail.com) or by phone (909-583-1456).  There are a few flyers at the gallery which explain in detail the arrangements for artists.

Dance the Days,

Gail Brownfield, President