RAA Art Library

RAA Art Library


Our library is located on the platform in the rear of the east gallery, next to the kitchen. There are probably more watercolor books than in Smiley Library, or there were at one time. The RAA is operated totally on the honor system so it is up to our members to check out and return the books.

As the librarian I come in occasionally to straighten up the shelves. Several years ago I tried calling about overdue books. It didn’t work well and took loads of time. Now, YOU, AND ONLY YOU, are responsible for returning borrowed books in a reasonable time frame for the benefit of your fellow RAA members. Right now there are at least 100 books “out” according to the cards in the desk card file. Sometimes the book is returned but the card is not taken from the card box and put into the book. Then the card-less books on the shelves must be matched with the cards in the box. I need your help.

We continually get donated books which we process into the lending library. First they are sorted into “keepers” or “rejects” (too old, too big, not of interest, duplicate books, etc.). The keepers are then cataloged, stamped, given a number that is taped on the spine, card placed inside front cover, and shelved. The existing books are culled occasionally, as shelf room is needed. The culled books are put on the top shelf of the library for members to “buy” on a donation basis (leave at the front desk). After a month or so those left will be donated to the Smiley Library.

The books can be used in the Gallery or checked out at the front desk. The card from the book is filed in the desk box labeled “Library” with your name and telephone/email. There is no set time limit, but return as soon as possible so others can use the book. Returned books shall be put in the bottom shelf bins labeled BOOKS TO BE SHELVED, hopefully with their correct card inside the front cover.

Please check your home and studio for forgotten RAA books and bring back to their RAA home.


Call if you would like to help. (909) 793-6761

Thanks Evelyn Ifft