RAA News January 2014

RAA News January 2014

A “MCAEEF” Minute

Every RAA member should know about MCAEEF (Margaret Clark Art Education Enrichment Fund) because of how important MCAEEF activities are to the Association. Some of us fondly remember Margaret Clark and all she did for the Redlands Art Association. Some wouldn’t remember- it all goes back a ways. Margaret was and is our inspiration for promoting the visual art in Redlands and surrounding communities. If you would like to know more about Margaret Clark, please ask someone at the Association about her. It’s a fascinating story. The next time you’re at the gallery take a peek around the corner into the office. A painting of Margaret is on the wall. Her trademark “hat” is always prominent.

Did you know there is a MCAEEF committee that meets each month in an effort to keep Margaret Clark’s dream alive in our community. Just like everything RAA does, our committee puts the visual arts in the hands of individuals, young and a little older (more mature) to experience. We all understand how important this is for every person.

The MCAEEF committee uses, funds mostly generated by our Classic Film Series to provide classes, scholarships and awards to a wide variety of groups in the community. The MCAEEF committee wants you to be aware of what’s going on with these funds.

Look for A “MCAEEF” Minute in future newsletters. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on.

Thank You,

 MCAEEF committee

Take in Date Correction

The correct date the May Take-In is FRIDAY MAY 9.

The original date of May 2 conflicted with Vintage Redlands so we had to change ours.
Please notate your calendars and correct your list of 2014 Take-In Dates.

 RAA Library to be Liquidated = BARGAINS!

The Operating Committee has been struggling with the issues of our library and the intense need for more teacher’s storage.  Tuesday night it was decided to sell all the books in the library within the next few months (by April 1, 2014).  So we are offering all RAA members first choice in buying the books off the regular shelves on the “stage”.  The proceeds will go into a special fund for our new building.  The cost will be 1 book for $3 or 2 books for $5, to be paid at the front desk.  If you have books from the library at home please either pay for them or return to RAA shelves to sell.  THIS IS A BARGAIN SALE for a great cause!!!

It has been a wonderful library for a couple decades and as much a we love books, it seems the right time to let them go.  So many artists go online for instructions, ideas, how-to for everything from watercolor to woodworking.  A paper library is now a luxury that RAA cannot sustain.  But you can expand your personal library with any of the several hundred books that we have there!!  RAA members are given first rights to choose as soon as this newsletter is received.  Those that are not sold will then be added to the Joan Wiley Art Book Fair we will offer to the public later, maybe in May.  After that the remaining books will be donated to a good cause.

Our library has books in many categories, the largest being watercolor; next, oil and acrylic techniques, as well as art history, many craft books, colored pencil, drawing, design and color, famous artists, etc.  Buy for the  budding artists in your family.  Now is your chance to get new inspiration, especially if you are more comfortable with paper than computers, like many of us.  We appreciate that some of you will miss the library and for that we are sorry.  RAA is thankful for the numerous and generous donations of so many books through the years.  Many have enjoyed them.  Hopefully you will understand.  Thank you.

 Evelyn Ifft and Tia Shira


Redlands  Art  Association’s  Fifth Annual  Community Photo  Show

Call for entries for this annual event.  You do not need to be a member of RAA to enter your photographs in this show.  The theme of the show is open—your choice.  You may enter up to two framed photographs, $5 for one, $8 for two.  Frames must be wired on the back for hanging (no sawtooth hangers, please).  Your framed work must be identified on the back with your name and telephone number, and the photo’s title and price.

Take-in will be on Saturday, February15th  from 2 – 5 pm.  The show will be hung the following day, and will be available for viewing by the public during regular gallery hours, on Monday, February 17th,  through Saturday,  February 22nd.  Gallery hours are  from 10 am to 5 pm.  In addition, a reception will be held on Sunday February 23rd, from 2 to 5 pm.   Please invite friends and family to come enjoy refreshments and view the beautiful photography.  Your entries may be taken home at the end of the reception; otherwise they may be picked up the following Monday or Tuesday, at the gallery.

Judith Sparhawk