RAA's 41st Multi Media Mini Show 2010

RAA's 41st Multi Media Mini Show 2010

The work of 99 Artists with a total of 150 pieces chosen by juror Marguerite Garth will be on display at the gallery until Thursday, April 8.

Special dates and times:

  • Open House: Friday, March 12, 5-7 pm
  • Artist Reception: Sunday, March 14, 1-2 pm
  • Awards Ceremony: Sunday, March 14, 2-3 pm
  • Pick up Non-Accepted Art: Sunday, March 14, 3-4:30 pm.
  • Pick up Accepted Art: Friday/Saturday April 9/10

Congratulations to the Winners!

Dan Soury First Place, $300
Gloria Fogler-Mancini Second Place, $200
Alan K Remele Third Place, $100
Tom Fontanes Past President’s Award $100
Kathleen Bryan Excellence Award, $50
Pat Ford Excellence Award, $50
Gail Brownfield Juror’s Choice $50
Ginger Pena Juror’s Choice $50
Muriel Dolemieux $100 Gift Certificate Golden Colors
Tony Radcliffe $50 Gift Certificate Wilson’s Frame Up
Franny Werthwein $25 Gift Certificate Aaron Bros
Angela Westengard Bud Rickart’s Acrylic Painting Kit
Lisa Mozzini-McDill Product prize from Tara Materials

Congratulations to all those accepted!

99 Artists in all – 150 pieces were chosen

Leah Balestieri Candy Glendening Lee Nemnich
Kristy Bergeson Sean Green Nancy Nichols
Ann Bingham-Freeman Mary Grossman R. Mike Nichols
Thomas Bond Steven Hagerth Setsuko Okubo
Yvonne Branchflower Jan Harvey Jeff Owens
Gail Brownfield Denise Hawkins Ada M. Passaro
John Brownfield Patty Hayden Geeta Pattanaik
Kathleen Bryan Jean Hearst Ginger Pena
Bob Bush Gretchen Hecht Vanessa Perazzo
Dolores Carrasco Hugh Huffman Lori Powell
Terry d Chacon Evelyn Ifft Ted Puffer
Kristy Christopherson Michiko Ikeda Tony Radcliffe
Karen Clark Jill Jones Sean Regaldo
Joan Coffey Maxine Kenny Alan K Remele
Joe Colley Yesung Kim Jack Rowe
Liz Coviello Rosemary Krause David Rudolph
Chick Curtis Joseph La Chance Nikki Skeen
Sandy Davies Cindy Jones Lantier Ray Gonzales Sloan
Rosemary Dillon David Lawrence James Snow
Felicia Dolemieux Michael Le Blanc Dan Soury
Muriel Dolemieux Sheila Le Blanc David Taylor
Pamela Downs Zora Lee Yolanda Terrell
Joan Erwin Shirley Manning David Valenzuela
Julie R. Evans Marie Manos Carey Van Loon
Susan Evans Patty Mariano Barbara Waddell
Brad Faegre Caroline McAllister Cassandra Ward
Gloria Fogler-Mancini Jerrie McCluskey Franny Werthwein
Tom Fontanes Dian McLaughlin Angela Westengard
Pat Ford Pat Meeker Jan Wright
JoAnn Formia Sylvia Megerdichian Briat Yanick
Patricia Franks Sandra Blake Meichsner Robert Yokley
Richard Freund Joanna Mersereau Nancy Yowell
Mary Gehley Lisa Mozzini-McDill

Jurist Statement

It has been an honor and a privilege to judge the 2010 Redlands Art Association Multi Media Mini Show. This is a show that truly consists of little treasures of art.

I became aware of the Redlands Art Association while working on the art collection of the National Orange Show. As we were researching the various artists for the show, I heard nothing but praise about the association’s helpfulness and professionalism. Those qualities made judging this show a joyful experience for me.

The characteristics I was seeking as I was critiquing the various pieces were as follows: beauty, skill, inherent meaning, uniqueness, and fulfilled intent. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are some aspects that are definable, such as patterns and symmetry, colors that are complementary, interesting textures, and compositions that focus the eye, proportion, and presentation. Of course, work not done with skill and attention to detail, fails no matter how interesting. Inherent meaning is the power of the work. Does it tell a story? Make a statement or illicit emotion in the viewer? Uniqueness refers to art that explores old or new subjects in a way that is fresh and different. And fulfilled intent comes back to what the artist is trying to say. The best art has meaning beyond just an image. It also stands out in a crowd, and dares to be different. The winning entries are wondrous examples of these characteristics.

I would like to congratulate all the entrants. Seeing such a wealth of fine work is a pleasure!

Best Regards,

Marguerite Garth