Reminder call for Artist Bio's

Reminder call for Artist Bio's

I am planning to put together the new Artist Bio book this month. Many thanks to those artists who have already emailed me or put their bios into the box in the office.

For new artists, artist bios are to be on 2 2 separate sheets of paper/2 separate pages so they when they are in the bio book the pages will open and on the left will be the artist bio and on the right will be a page containing no more than 3 photo examples of their work.

page 1 should contain:
  • Name/ Studio name/ business name
  • contact details: eg:email, website, blog, phone number, mobile phone number (if wanted)
  • personal photo if they wish to include this
  • bio information
page 2 (separate sheet):
  • up to 3 photo examples of artists work (so it fits on 1 side)
  • with name/business name/studio name/ email address

If you have a questions please contact me at

Many thanks, Liz Coviello