Rene Lalique Glass Program: November 13, 7 PM

Rene Lalique Glass Program: November 13, 7 PM

Lindy Kay Zoeckler

Linda Kay Zoeckler, noted art historian and authority on Rene Lalique Glass, will be sharing her knowledge and passion for the French artist and his work, at the Redlands Art Association on Tuesday, November 13th at 7 p.m. Emphasis will be on Lalique’s architectural glass of the Art Deco era in Los Angeles.

During the early 1900’s, Rene Lalique was the most celebrated artist and glassmaker in the world. He is renown for his magnificent jewelry designed and created during the Art Nouveau era. But also, of great significance, are Lalique’s architectural achievements in glass. Those started with his Parisian townhouse designed in 1902, that includes beautiful glass panel doors, among other glass enhancements. His townhouse led the way to his work on interior designs for many, elegant Parisian apartments with amazing Lalique glass. In 1911, Rene Lalique designed spectacular windows for the Cody Building in New York, that can still be seen today. During the 20’s, he created dazzling glass works for several huge ocean liners, as well as railroad cars. He designed and created more architectural glass than seems humanly possible.

In 1927, Rene Lalique designed many architectural components for the Oviatt Building in Los Angeles. It is considered an Art Deco Masterpiece and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Oviatt Building boasts one of Los Angeles’ first penthouse apartments. The penthouse was a splendiferous museum of French Art Deco glass, furniture, tapestry, etc. Near the back of the apartment, was an exit that led to a roof garden with a swimming pool, sand beach and palm trees. The building was filled with 30 tons of wondrous glass that had to be shipped from Paris, through the Panama Canal, to Los Angeles.

There is so much more, that is so incredible about this man and his glass. . . . . You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear about Rene Lalique Glass and see large screen pictures of his magnificent work. Linda Zoeckler had the privilege of visiting The Oviatt Building before much of its splendid glass was removed and consequently had the opportunity to photograph it. She will be sharing many of those valuable photos when she is the guest speaker for the Redlands Art Association. The Tuesday evening program is free to RAA members and $3 to non-members.

About the speaker:  Linda Kay Zoeckler is an awe-inspiring woman, who has taught art history and art appreciation classes, for about 20 years, at Golden West College, in Huntington Beach, California.  Concurrently, she was for many years, Head of the Art Reference Library at Huntington Library, Art Gallery, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California, where she oversaw a wide range of library endeavors and made many, valuable contributions to the library.  Included among other positions she has held, are:  Head Librarian at Otis Art Institute, LA; Adjunct Lecturer in Art History at CSUSB and a year as Curator of Collections at the Edward-Dean Museum in Cherry Valley, California.  Also, she has lectured for many organizations on a wide range of topics relating to art and architecture.