Website Updated!

Website Updated!

Our website has been updated to reflect our new branding!

Last Fall, graphic design classes in three local colleges were invited to create a new ‘Identity Package’ for RAA. Over 30 college students and their professors participated in the effort. In December, the four best designs were presented to RAA’s member juror team; experienced graphic artists Grace Fermier, Jan Harvey and Karen Mahmoudi. Their unanimous choice was the package created by a team of senior graphic design students from the Art Institute in San Bernardino. The design is colorful and versatile and communicates what we do here at the art center.

We’ve been implementing this branding with new signs and paint on the outside of the gallery, paper collateral is being updated, our social media sites have made the switch and now the website also reflects this bold new look with a fresh outlook on what it means to be a member of the RAA; Creativity starts here!

As you’re browsing the new site, if things look funky or run really slow, you should clear your browser cache, here’s how (if you’ve never done this before, you’re in for a treat, everything will run faster!). I hope you find the site useful and inspirational.

Candy Glendening, Website Designer and Textile Artist