President’s Message

I met an impressive woman recently; Heidi Mayer is her name and she founded an organization called Youth Hope about 1 1/2 years ago.  Youth Hope provides services for Redlands’ youth between the ages of 14-24 who are living on the streets of our fair city.  The services and referrals provided to them include food, clothing, safe places to sleep, medical and dental, educational counseling and once each week an art class in space donated by one of our local churches.  It is during these art classes that the teenagers share a time with each other that is safe, fun and creative.  They get to know each other and a bit about themselves.  The art they make is displayed in a few different venues in Redlands and the artist receives all the proceeds of the sale.  It is an awesome feeling when work sells; feelings of pride and accomplishment.  Our art education fund (MCAEEF) recently awarded Youth Hope a grant to help purchase supplies for upcoming classes in photography.  The art students will be asked to photograph scenes from their daily lives and these photos will be on display during a fund-raising event on June 18.  The exhibit is to be called, Redlands Through Our Eyes.  The photos will be for sale and other artists are encouraged to display their work as well.  More details to follow as decisions are made.  Please check out and consider participating in this special event.  Oh, and by way, your operating committee is so moved by the work that Youth Hope is doing that we invited them to be part of our Art in the Park show scheduled for May 7-8.

Two other events worth noting:  The annual juried Multi-Media Mini Show will be displayed in our gallery until March 31.  It looks to be an fine show too!  Richard Freund will lead an assemblage workshop on Sunday, March 27.  Space is still available.

Dance the Days,

Gail Brownfield, President