President’s Message


Recently, the Redlands Daily Facts published a close-up photo of the prosellis at the Redlands Bowl. Carved in stone, far above the stage, are the words “Without Vision, a People Fail”. I had never noticed this inscription before and I have been to the bowl on many occasions. Good advise doesn’t change much over time it seems; this quote came from the Bible, 29th chapter of Proverbs. For days, I couldn’t stop thinking about this quote and how much it relates to our art association right now. We are fortunate to have several men and women of vision, actually many men and women of vision, working hard toward improving our organization. Men and women who are working on expanding art education opportunities for our community, working on combining all of our separate mailing lists into one data base, improving our communications to you via electronic media, analyzing and refining our by-laws and structure, identifying fund-raising opportunities, and maintaining an attractive space for artists to display work. All of this work goes on behind the scenes. Of course, realizing a vision requires change and, yes, we do expect some changes in our organization. Please be patient and supportive while these changes are implemented over the next many months. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime enjoy these upcoming activities:

  • October 23, 7:00 PM – Program by Dennis Hare, noted painter and assemblage artist
  • October 27, 10-3 PM – Workshop with Dennis Hare
  • November 2 – Take-in – Autumn Theme
  • November 18 – Art-on-State-Street

Dance the Days,
Gail Brownfield