President’s Message

Liz-Coviello-03Welcome everyone, it’s hard to believe a year has passed since I became President of the Operating Committee. I feel like I’ve been running a race and I’m thrilled that all of you are still here and running with me! So much has happened over the last year, from the introduction of receptions for our regular show openings on the 1st Friday after a Take-In, in addition to Featured Artist receptions; the Christmas holiday experiment opening Market Night and Sunday mornings and extended Christmas opening hours; the resumption of opening every Market Night; to the expansion of the Youth Education Program with after school classes 5 nights of the week and the development of the High School Education Program; the expansion of Adult Education classes, with new teachers such as Martha Cowan bringing different oil painting techniques; the introduction of the Artists Helping Artists series for all Friends of RAA; an exciting new Marketing Committee who are full of great ideas; and finally a complete revision of the Bylaws and their introduction from 1st July 2016 (see separate piece below). Its been a fun, challenging year. Lets hope the new one is as exciting.

Liz Coviello, RAA president