President’s Message

It’s summer and that means a change in board leadership.  It’s always an honor to do good work on behalf of an organization that does so much for so many. And I hope I can live up to my predecessors’ legacies in helping navigate the changes required to lead this organization into its next phase of growth and development.

For emerging and seasoned artists alike, the Redlands Art Association offers fertile ground for learning and mentoring.  There are classes and workshops, events and receptions, all of which can inspire and challenge artists at every stage of their creative life.

This month, the Gallery has a new exhibition “Mirror Moves,” which features the work of painter Giner Pena and photographer, Bruce Herwig. It reminds me that collaboration—and their accompanying deadlines—is often the fuel for artists to make things happen.

It’s always gratifying to see members doing great things. And that is certainly the case with two of our most experienced member artists, Teri Adams and David Fairrington. Terri was awarded an honorable mention winner at The 2019 Members Show at the Riverside Art Museum and David’s Red Kimono II project was the focus of a LGBTQ fundraiser at the Palm Springs Cultural Center. See the story on page XX.

If you have earned any recent awards, have an upcoming gallery show, or are launching a significant new initiative, please let us know at We would like to celebrate you in our newsletter.

This summer and fall, you may be asked to fill out a survey when you attend any of the many cultural events around Redlands.  The City of Redlands, in cooperation with local organizations including RAA, will conduct intercept surveys to help determine the economic impact of the cultural arts in Redlands. Every dollar spent on the arts within the community has a multiplier effect both economically and culturally. This a first for Redlands and we hope you will participate in the survey if given the opportunity.

Kim Munkries